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    Nigel Mitchell
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    Stephen Graham
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Each year millions of tonnes of residual municipal solid waste are being prepared as a sustainable source of fuel for an array of Energy from Waste facilities around the UK, helping reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuels.

After the energy has been recovered in the form of electricity/heat, a non-hazardous bottom ash (Incinerator Bottom Ash – IBA) is left.

This is where BPL's expertise comes into play, with processing of the IBA, to recover any residual metals, which are sent to metals companies and brought back into use, but more importantly the great majority of the IBA is processed to create a sustainable source of aggregate (IBAA) for use in many construction applications.

As a result of BPL's processing and aggregate expertise, all the IBA is diverted from landfill. Whatever the complicated Euro terminology, by recovering all the IBA, BPL effectively recycles about 20% by mass of the original tonnage of MSW, doing our bit to save the world's resources!

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Registered Office
Ballast Phoenix Ltd, 1 Victoria Stables, Essex Way
Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9JZ, United Kingdom
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